State the Outcome the Copy Package Delivers in your Headline

Here you can write a sentence (or two) about how you manage to deliver the outcome you describe above.

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State the Challenge your Client is Having your Product 2 can solve

This is where you can connect with your client showing you know the problem they are going through.

State the problem they are having first, and that you understand how painful it is.

List the consequences of the problem they have and how it is impacting their life.

Show that you truly understand the cost of these things.

Then describe that you know exactly how to help them fix it.

That will lead to the next section where you present the steps they need to invest in to get the better outcome you offer.

How Copy will help you _____ (Achieve the Outcome they want)

[***NOTE*** This is the list of sections or modules from the product that clearly lays out how each section creates a belief, knowledge, or skillset that will help the ideal customer get from where they start, to the end point of transformation. These steps should logically lead into the other one***]


The Art & Science of Copywriting

Copywriting is both an art and a science!

It aims to connect with a person's journey through words, spoken or written, to encourage them to take action towards their better future.

Traditionally, Marketing used two types of writings.

  • Content writing focused on providing valuable information to attract clients and convert them into buyers - this was the long walk to profit. 

  • Marketers used copywriting to get a customer to take a specific action in making an immediate purchase, subscribe to your email, or calling you - this often resulted in a hard sell.

Today copywriting has taken on a new dimension whereby valuable content paired with an action-orientated focus through the Art of Storytelling provides the optimum outcome for the client towards their better future.


Be Clear On Your Offers

Clarity begins with the end in mind. The purpose of your offer is to provide a solution, and better outcome, a brighter future for your client.

Moving away from the mindset of selling to someone towards providing a product or service for a better future includes value, builds trust, and authenticity. 

Being clear on your offer and the value you add are the deciding factors that move clients to engage and take action towards their desired outcome.

Your words will reflect your focus.


Connecting with Your Client On Their Journey

Thankfully, professional copywriting has moved beyond the quick sale towards adding value and making a difference in your clients' lives.

It has changed how you communicate, focusing on connecting with your ideal client and building customer loyalty, vital for your business growth and sustainability.  

Any message, written or spoken, which does not connect is wasted words. 


Building the Bridge to Their Better Future

The bridge you build is the chain of beliefs within the mind of your client.

Your client's beliefs are the starting point where you meet, and then in a step-by-step approach, you lead them through the chain of beliefs towards your offer, which is their solution.

Clearly laid out, you articulate the value you offer, which is the golden thread that runs through your marketing and advertising messages.


The Art of Story

We write the stories you need to tell with clarity and authenticity in your voice through the Art of Story, connecting heart to heart. 

Using story dynamics, we write copy that connects with your client's journey, needs, hopes, and aspirations, opening their minds, connecting emotionally, and seeing the solutions they need.

Crafting a well-written story is our art.


The Importance of a Clear Message

In copywriting, clarity trumps! Customers engage and buy what they understand. 

Your message must be clear, concise, and compelling!

To convey a clear message, attention to detail is an absolute must. So cross the t's and dot the i's.

First impressions count. Clean copy conveys your authority, shows you care and let your message take center stage.


A Personalized Marketing Journey 

The beauty of the StoryFunnel lies within the quiz and the personalized connection that follows. 

It is the point where you invite your client to embark on a journey, which leads them to a brighter future. 

This is a very effective marketing tool to establish authority, credibility and provide value within a few minutes.

What sets a StoryFunnel apart is the combination of the art of story and a personalized journey, placing them center stage as the Hero, the one about whom you care.


Effective Web Copywriting 

Cross-channel synergy in digital marketing delivers more remarkable results than any single marketing activity. 

Using the power of storytelling as the golden thread in your website design and copywriting will provide you with a clear message and reinforce your branding and marketing message with your client as the focal point.

Using a storyline enhances good page flow, personality, and customer connection.

Grounded in your customer's psychology, your message "we want to help you" will be clear and consistent on all your pages.


Keep Your Content Fresh & Current! 

Investing in your customers by adding value and building trust will earn you their loyalty.

Focusing on each stage of your client's journey, we create personalized content using storytelling to enhance their experience with you. 

Providing high-value content in all your messaging across your marketing channels will be worth its weight in gold.


Keep Your Content Fresh & Current! 

Stay intentional and ahead of your game. 

Being current and relevant, using the power of storytelling in your nurturing content will set you apart simply because you show that you care. 

Change the game in your field and move from a transitional relationship to a relational relationship with your client through nurturing content, providing high value consistently.

Nurturing is essential, and we offer custom packages according to your needs to keep your StoryMarketing Fresh & Current.


Make a Strong Statement about the Benefit of the Offer For 2

You have just spent the time making the case, explaining the steps to the better future.

Now it's time to summarize the main argument for the offer, and the fact that it will help them achieve a better future.

Use this space to summarize the key points.

  • Make the Strongest Benefit
  • Summarize the next benefit here
  • Keep going with another strong benefit
  • Make sure you make it about the client (benefits)
  • And then more benefits
  • By this time it's a no brainer offer

Tell them exactly how to get started, and you can also state both plans here and link buttons to each plan.

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Product Features for 2

This a visual summary of the entire product. Summarize the key features such as the training content, the support, community, and any one-on-one or group coaching offered with the product.


Some feature


Some feature


Some feature


Some feature


What our Clients Say about Us

Dr Dennis Godby, ND, MA Sacramento Naturopathic Medical Center
I wanted to share my extreme gratitude for Wilhelmien’s amazing copywriting for my office marketing. To be honest, I wasn’t very sure how she and SanityDesk were going to do everything they said they would. The truth is, I am completely amazed at the beautiful job she did. I am really excited to roll out the program! She is fun to work with, was interested in what I am doing, and me as a human being. There are no higher accolades I could give Wilhelmien! Thank you! Forever grateful!
Sian Buckley Transform Your Health Network
David has the most wonderful way of taking what you sell, putting it into the perfect words for your customer, then presenting it in a story form that just makes so much sense. He doesn't mind telling you when you are wrong - he knows what is best for your business - and that is so refreshing. He makes it fun and it seems so easy - he's the perfect marketing partner. Take a look at and tell me that isn't perfect!
Oshikan Sjodin-Bunse Love Rocks
Wilhelmien, I wanted to thank you again for your wonderful help with copywriting. I've learned that copywriting can really be a way to not 'write the whole thing' for someone but a collaboration and still have it sound quite like the 'owner' of the copy. It's an art form and you know how!

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Frequently Asked Questions for 2

  • What is the first, most obvious question someone asks when they are trying to decide to buy the product?
    • Answer that question right here, and try to link back to parts of the page above that answer the question. Or you can link to the checkout page at the end of the question.

  • What is the next most obvious question someone would ask to buy the product?
    • Again, answer this question and either link to the checkout box part of the page, or straight to the checkout page for one or both of the offers once you answer the question.

  • Ask a question about who this product is designed to help. Then you can answer that question for those unsure.
    • Summarize exactly who this product is designed to help, and then you can link to the pricing box or the checkout links on the page.

  • Ask a question about how the product works to achieve the outcome the client works. Then you can answer that and summarize the key product features.
    • List all the key product features here and then link to the pricing box on the page or straight to the checkout pages.

  • How do I know this product will work for me? (This question allows you to highlight any guarantees you offer for the product, or assure them it will work for them).
    • Describe here any guarantees on your product qualify, or the refund policy for the product.

      Then link to the pricing box and/or the checkout links for each product on the page.

Summarize the Main Benefit of the Product 2

The Customer has made it down to the bottom of the page, and has read (or at least scanned) the page, use this area to inspire them to click on the button and buy the product. If you have a special discount, or offer, highlight the need to act.

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