Build Your Entire Business Online in One Place

Integrating multiple software apps to run your online business is the hidden barrier to success online. It's both expensive and complicated.

SanityDesk is the platform where you get everything together.

No need to use a patchwork of software to get your business online. 

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SanityDesk is the only software you need.

Connect with Your Audience Online1

Website & Page Builder

Build your entire website, blog and all marketing funnel pages in one place.

Segment Your Customers2

Quiz & Survey Builder

Use the quiz & survey building tool to find out all about your audience.

Create both scored and non-scored questions to create fun, interactive experiences.

Capture Leads3

Form Building Tool

If you want to capture leads from your website, simply use the custom, form building tool.

With both mandatory and optional fields, ask both closed and open-ended questions and get to know your audience.

Segment Your Audience4

Lead & Customer Lists

Every one of your clients is unique. Why not treat them that way?

Create custom lists based on both behaviour (page visits and video views), and client data (survey and quiz question answers).

Customise your Communication5

Smart Content Blocks

Since you know who your clients are, design custom communication just for them.

Combine multiple data points about each client to create unique variations of every block on every page, email, and communication they ever see.

Organise your Communications6

Smart Content Library

The custom library makes it easy to store and organise your content across your entire site.

Update advanced custom communication blocks to your audience across your entire web presence in seconds.

Tell Powerful Stories with Video7

Custom Video Player

The most effective way to turn a prospect into a lead is by telling a powerful story with Video.

Host all of your videos on SanityDesk, and display custom call to actions throughout and at the end of each video

Follow-up with your Leads8

Automated Marketing Emails

You work hard to gather your leads. Don't let them go cold once they leave your website.

Build custom, unique emails to speak to your leads, get them back to your website, and turn them into customers.

Design Customer Journeys9

Communication Workflows

The most effective way to consistently turn your leads into customers is through a series of emails spaced out in workflows.

Build personal journeys for each client, as well as date-based campaigns for your entire business.

Create Buying Urgency10

Deadline Timers

Everyone who visits your site is busy. It's easy for them to get distracted and forget to take action.

Create real urgency with the unique individual, and date-based countdown timers for special offers and sales.

Collect Payments Online11

Online Shopping Cart

Once you get your prospects' attention, it's time to close the deal.

Sell your prospects both physical and digital products with our online shopping cart that integrates with both Stripe and PayPal.

Organise Your Team in One Place12

Team Communication System

Your team needs one place where it can interact with your prospects, your clients, and each other.

Now you can organise your teams and their projects all in one place, with seamless communications.

Put all your Inboxes in One Place13

Omni-Channel Inbox

Communicating with your clients is hard. Now you can connect all of your inboxes (Facebook, Email, Text, Phone, and WhatsApp) in one place. 

Once you have a request from a client that deserves your attention, simply move it to your internal support desks or sales pipelines.

Delegate Tasks to Your Team14

Support Ticketing System

Your clients want support, when they want it. Using your email inbox as a support desk is not the answer.

Use the easy ticket generating system from the inbox tool to instantly create, and assign support tickets to your team members.

Prioritise Your Team's Work15

Team Workspace

There's only so much time in each workday. Your team needs clear priorities to keep them focused.

Use the team workspace areas to organise and prioritise all tasks so your clients get the best possible service you can provide.

Identify & Close Prospects16

Sales Pipeline Tool (CRM)

Whether it's a new prospect, or an existing customer who wants more. Organising your sales pipeline is essential to your success.

Use the Sales Pipeline tool to automatically and manually track your prospects through your product sales cycles.


Build Your Entire Business Online in One Place


For businesses just starting out

  • Up to 250 Contacts
  • 25 Pages (Website or Funnel)
  • 3 Quizzes
  • 5 Products
  • 10 Workflows
  • 2 Calendar Event Types
  • 1 Sales Deal Board
  • 1 Support Desk
  • 1 Task Desk
  • 3 Team Members


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Built with SanityDesk on web pages, emails and scheduling screens


For established businesses looking to scale

  • 500 Contacts Included
    (50,000 Limit)
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Quizzes
  • Unlimited Products
  • 25 Custom Workflows
  • 5 Calendar Event Types
  • Unlimited Sales Deal Boards
  • Unlimited Support Desk
  • Unlimited Team Desks
  • 10 Team Members
  • Smart Content Blocks
  • Calls Inbound / Outbound
  • SMS Messages
  • 5 Videos Hosted
  • 3000+ integrations (Zapier)

$99 per month

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Built with SanityDesk on scheduling screens


Get everything + Dedicated SanityDesk Tech Support

  • 5,000 Contacts Included
    (No maximum limit)
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Quizzes
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Workflows
  • Unlimited Calendar Event Types
  • Unlimited Sales Deal Boards
  • Unlimited Support Desk
  • Unlimited Team Desks
  • 50 Team Members
  • Smart Content Blocks+
  • Calls Inbound / Outbound
  • SMS Messages
  • 100 Videos Hosted
  • 3000+ Integrations (Zapier)
  • Membership Area & Courses
  • Unlimited 1-on-1 SanityDesk Support

$299 per month

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What our Clients Say about Us

Dr Dennis Godby, ND, MA Sacramento Naturopathic Medical Center
I wanted to share my extreme gratitude for Wilhelmien’s amazing copywriting for my office marketing. To be honest, I wasn’t very sure how she and SanityDesk were going to do everything they said they would. The truth is, I am completely amazed at the beautiful job she did. I am really excited to roll out the program! She is fun to work with, was interested in what I am doing, and me as a human being. There are no higher accolades I could give Wilhelmien! Thank you! Forever grateful!
Aisha Comfortable Coliving
I had a great experience working with Wilhelmien. She was very focused and passionate about her work and incorporated the voice of our brand through her writing. She was very thoughtful and easy to collaborate with. The creative process she takes was made clear from the start, and I felt kept in the loop of how the writing was being created. Wilhelmien has given my ideas a voice that is both clear and elegant. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Wilhelmien and learn more about the creative process of copywriting.
Oshikan Sjodin-Bunse Love Rocks
Wilhelmien, I wanted to thank you again for your wonderful help with copywriting. I've learned that copywriting can really be a way to not 'write the whole thing' for someone but a collaboration and still have it sound quite like the 'owner' of the copy. It's an art form and you know how!