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Congratulations on completing the QUIZ! 

Guardians are empathetic and driven by the desire to help.

They're there to nurture and help their clients, and people tend to view them as incredibly trustworthy. 

In their safe arms, customers can find recognition and protection

Your result can help describe your brand and service and give it an identity that customers connect with. 

A company with a guardian like you at the helm will provide caring services and tools that support its clients.

Here are some ideas that could suit a guardian's service marketing.

What does a guardian's branding look like?

Color: Pastels, Green, Light Blue.

Font: Young Serif, Blackadder, Century Gothic, San Francisco.

Illustrations and Visuals: Images that convey softness, caring, and protection.

What does your brand sound like?

It sounds like children laughing and birds chirping – happy, suburban noises.


What keywords will fit your brand?

Caring, maternal, nurturing, selfless, warm.


What does your brand smell like?

Fabric softener, apple pie, pancakes.

What does it feel like?

Material – clean cotton.

Texture – Comforting, like a fluffy towel, freshly ironed bedsheet or warm spring sunlight.

What food fits your brand?

A healthy, nourishing meal, complete with starch, veggies, and your choice of protein.

Something that makes you think of nostalgia and childhood. 

Are you feeling your brand's soul yet? 

Understanding your marketing personality can help get your message and your authentic company voice across to clients. 

This way, you can build your company identity, understand your brand better, and get the right message across.

Now that you've got a short overview of your marketing personality

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Dr Dennis Godby, ND, MA Sacramento Naturopathic Medical Center
I wanted to share my extreme gratitude for Wilhelmien’s amazing copywriting for my office marketing. To be honest, I wasn’t very sure how she and SanityDesk were going to do everything they said they would. The truth is, I am completely amazed at the beautiful job she did. I am really excited to roll out the program! She is fun to work with, was interested in what I am doing, and me as a human being. There are no higher accolades I could give Wilhelmien! Thank you! Forever grateful!
Aisha Comfortable Coliving
I had a great experience working with Wilhelmien. She was very focused and passionate about her work and incorporated the voice of our brand through her writing. She was very thoughtful and easy to collaborate with. The creative process she takes was made clear from the start, and I felt kept in the loop of how the writing was being created. Wilhelmien has given my ideas a voice that is both clear and elegant. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Wilhelmien and learn more about the creative process of copywriting.
Oshikan Sjodin-Bunse Love Rocks
Wilhelmien, I wanted to thank you again for your wonderful help with copywriting. I've learned that copywriting can really be a way to not 'write the whole thing' for someone but a collaboration and still have it sound quite like the 'owner' of the copy. It's an art form and you know how!