StoryMarketing Strategy

Design your StoryMarketing Strategy.

With the Art of Story and the Science of Digital Marketing we create your strategy with you to inspire your client to invest into a better future.

Let's Design Your Strategy

Strategic Clarity is Your Biggest Lever for Growth.

Your marketing strategy clearly defines your client's journey towards a better future.

We develop your strategy with you using a stepwise approach.

Your Client's Journey1

Mapping Out Your Client's Journey

Every journey that leads to a better future starts with a crystal-clear strategy and road map. 

Meeting your client at their starting point and building a bridge to travel on (over the river of a thousand offers and conflicting messages) fast-tracks their journey with clarity towards their better future.

Done right, and you provide direction with a clear message and on-target marketing to make their better future a reality.

Empathy Map2

Your Formula For Clear Messaging

Mapping out your customer's empathy map provides you with a clear understanding of who they are, their hopes and dreams, fears and struggles, their environment, and those who influence their thoughts and decisions. 

Here we dive deep! From experience, we learned how to mine this valuable source to connect with who they are and speak their language, and address their thoughts before they even voiced them! 

The empathy map is not new and used by marketers to know their clients, but we will help you step into a deeper level of understanding of your client so that your message will speak to their hearts.

Connecting at the deepest level, speaking heart to heart, is what sets you apart.

Offer Structure3

Get Clear On Your Product And Service Offers

People buy when they understand the offer and its worth; in short, they buy 'clarity and value.' 

Your offer structure and pricing are a vital part of your Marketing Strategy. It not only ensures the viability of your business but has a significant impact on business growth. 

We guide you through a tiered model of a Good – Better – Best offer structure, which has proven to be more powerful and allows you to serve your customers. 

Pricing for profit is crucial to secure your business's success. Having it right makes you thrive.

Chain of Beliefs4

Building the Bridge to Their Better Future

The bridge you build is the chain of beliefs within the mind of your client.

Your client's beliefs are the starting point where you meet, and then in a step-by-step approach, you lead them through the chain of beliefs  towards your offer and their solution.

With the chain of beliefs clearly mapped out, you clearly articulate your offer to your client; it is the golden thread that runs through all elements of your marketing and advertising.

StoryFunnel Design5

A Marketing Journey Like No Other

Your StoryFunnel design maps out your client's journey from where you meet to where their better future has become their new reality.

It maps out the complete marketing journey from beginning to end and enables you to visualize the entire process, and provides the ability to measure conversion success at each step. 

Your storyline runs consistently and clearly throughout the entire funnel. 

Website Design6

Effective Web Design

Your website is designed around your customer's journey, starting from your landing page, a clear path leads them to their better future. 

Designed with your storyline, they scan-read, and in seconds know that they are at the right place, identify what they need, and choose to engage. 

We combine your storyline with visuals and copy that is crystal clear and on target to design your website with easy navigation and user-friendly functionality for optimum conversion.


The Art of Story

Telling your stories with clarity and authenticity in your own voice, connecting heart to heart, is the essence when writing copy for your Marketing Funnel, Website, and Nurturing Content.

We use the power of Storytelling to capture your ideal client's attention, build trust and credibility that resonates, to deliver a better future.

We turn good stories into great stories through the skilled art of story structure, knowledge gaps, visual language, story dynamics and development. 

Through Storytelling, we let your client see themselves in the story you tell, fall in love with it and close the deal.

Software Platform8

Grow & Succeed Online

Taking your StoryMarketing Strategy from concept to completion, we offer you an all-in-one platform that provides you with Big Tech's functionality but without the high costs.

Designed to help you succeed with your digital marketing, you have equal footing with the big guys online. 

With the streamlined marketing platform customized to your needs, you have everything you need at your fingertips and in one place to reach your goals and track your success.


Tech Setup9

Everything Done for You

Tech Setup is one of the most time-consuming and often daunting tasks that keeps you away from focusing on your business. 

As certified SanityDesk consultants, we take care of this for you, allowing you to fast-track to your success.

The platform is easy to navigate, and our service includes training on the platform, not leaving you in the dark. 

We simply save you time!


It Is Time To Celebrate!

Opportunity met preparation, and the time has come to launch your StoryMarketing online.  

A virtual launch is a fantastic marketing opportunity!  

We provide you with the StoryMarketing Studio Virtual Launch Guide to set you off to an excellent start.

To Your Success!


Keep Your Marketing Fresh & Current!

To be truly effective, you need to stay intentional and ahead of your game. 

How often should you refresh your Marketing Campaigns? The answer is, you need to stay at it.

Ad fatigue is a reality. Think about how you feel when you see the same thing for the n'th time?

Marketing is an active pursuit, and we offer custom packages to keep your StoryMarketing Fresh & Current.

Nurturing Relationships 12

Earning Their Continued Loyalty!

Business is about nurturing your customers, building trust, adding value, and earning their loyalty. 

The secret to a resilient business in unstable times is a loyal customer base. 

A nurturing communication strategy will be worth gold to you. 

Delivering rich content and valuable emails that focus on your clients' journeys will strengthen your relationships as a valued and trusted partner towards their better future.

We will help you communicate effectively and consistently to build your loyal client base and be resilient. 

StoryMarketing Strategy

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Your StoryMarketing Journey to Success


Stepwise Approach


The Art of Story


All-In-One Platform

Tech Setup


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Strategy Pro

The Story Marketing Strategy you need to launch.
  • Story Marketing Strategy Development

    • StoryFunnel Strategy Development (minimum viable funnel)
    • Empathy map
    • Funnel map development
    • Website sitemap development.


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Strategy Premium

Launch your StoryMarketing Funnel including Copy & Tech setup.
  • Story Marketing Strategy Development:

    • StoryFunnel Strategy Development (minimum viable funnel)
    • Empathy map
    • Funnel map development
    • Website sitemap development.

  • StoryFunnel Copywriting:
    • Landing Page
    • Quiz
    • Personalized result pages
    • Emails with customised content
  • StoryFunnel Build:
    • StoryFunnel Tech Setup

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Launch your StoryMarketing Funnel & Website including Copy & Tech setup.
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    • StoryFunnel Strategy Development (minimum viable funnel)
    • Empathy map
    • Funnel map development
    • Website sitemap development.

  • Website Design:

    • Homepage
    • About Us
    • Services
    • Blog Page
    • Contact Us
  • StoryFunnel Copywriting:
    • Landing Page
    • Quiz
    • Personalized result pages
    • Emails with customised content

  • Website Copywriting:
    • Homepage
    • About Us
    • Services

  • StoryFunnel & Website Build:

    • StoryFunnel & Website Tech Setup

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NOTE: Includes access to the Sanity Desk Software (Free*) to Launch

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What our Clients Say about Us

Ellie ter Haar The Conscious Trader
I LOVED working with David on the launch of our new website and funnel. He’s a true wordsmith - witty, articulate and with a generous heart. David understands the sacredness of words. Not only do words inform but transform the reader and David uses this skill with utmost precision. I will always be grateful to you, David.
Aisha El Sherbiny Aisha Comfortable Coliving
I had a great experience working with Wilhelmien. She was very focused and passionate about her work and incorporated the voice of our brand through her writing. She was very thoughtful and easy to collaborate with. The creative process she takes was made clear from the start, and I felt kept in the loop of how the writing was being created. Wilhelmien has given my ideas a voice that is both clear and elegant. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Wilhelmien and learn more about the creative process of copywriting.
Rachna Malkani Native Dubai
David has been God sent for me. His analytical skills during our conversations helped me find clarity and direction on my niche beyond my own belief and expectation. His sincerity towards your success is beyond anything I have ever come across in this industry. He is all about you and your purpose. He helped me create my story framework so seamlessly and fast, something I feel I would have taken ages to complete on my own, and still not be able to do it so well.

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Strategic Clarity is Your Biggest Lever for Growth

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